Teach Them To Fish.

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Free HIV check
  3. Sickle cell management centre with USA medications
  4. Theatre
  5. Laboratory (ECG and Ultrasound available)
  6.  Pharmacy
  7. Maternity
  8. Massage and wellbeing

Why Jomarfo Health clinic

  •  We give quality and compassionate care to our patients
  • we make sure patients experience a high level of care in and out of health facility by follow up even after treatment
  • warm water and stand by generator to ensure patients needs are met.
  • Modern and comfortable infrastructure with 24/7 medical coverage.

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children are giving the opportunity to learn and survive..

We seek to empower young people, orphans, the disadvantaged, and others in need in the spirit of Christian teachings by providing shelter, sustenance, education, medical care, and spiritual and emotional support; by reaching out to other underprivileged populations of the community; and by adhering to internationally accepted best practices in the care of children and adults. We sponsor children to go to school, and we hold health fairs in a new health clinic we have established with local support.

It is in this light that JOMAR Foundation
stepped in to offer support to youths, (in her own small way), in primary and secondary schools as well as those in the University who have either dropped out of school or are struggling and are about to drop out because they cannot meet up with the financial demands.

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What We Do


— We Find & Fund

Tuition Fee: We support our beneficiaries by paying their school fees and registering for national exams and concours.


— We Build Networks

Collaboration With Different Schools: We work closely with different institution where we have enrolled our beneficiaries and in close collaborations with their school authorities.


— We Strengthen

School Needs: We provide school needs like; Uniforms, Shoes, and Stationaries to our beneficiaries.


— We Educate

Remedial Classes: We assist our beneficiaries with catchup classes to help ensure they are well prepared for their examinations and to improve on their performances in school.
Workshops, and Seminars: We organize workshops and seminars where we educate and train our beneficiaries. Also, we follow up to ensure that they are practicing what they learned during the workshop’s sessions. Most often we invite their parents to participate in the seminars.


— We Provide Care

we Provide free medical care to all our beneficiaries ensuring they have good health and shelter to conveniently study and the self-reliant people we want them to be.

The health care services we give is also available to the community as we offer free consultations to all patients that consult with our medical doctors.


— We Consult

Counseling: The JOMARFO endeavors to invite all their beneficiaries for guidance and counseling on social life when their beneficiaries are on holidays and when they are about to begin each academic year. We also invite and counsel those learning different trades.

Impact Stories

Ichu Lawrencia Beneficiary

June 4, 2023
Jomar foundation is a blessing to mankind, and I pray God bless this foundation and their pocket will never run dry

Ntoko Romeo Beneficiary

June 4, 2023
I am very happy with the way they welcome and treat patients. I also like the  have free consultation and the way they priorities their patients. I will recommend JOMARFO to the general public at any time. Jomar foundation is a blessing to mankind and I pray God bless this foundation.

Anna — Beneficiary

June 4, 2023
I am one of the beneficiaries. The Foundation is helping me in my education. i am very grateful to them for taking me in and i promise not to let them down i am going to work to make them be proud of me.


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We are a volunteer Organization. We depend solely on contributions and donations from members of the organization.